Prioritize Your Mental Health with SimplePay

Mental health is reaching a crisis point in America, and as Mental Health Awareness month draws to a close, it’s worth looking at why.


According to the KFF/CNN Mental Health in America survey, young adults aged 18-29 report the highest concern for their mental health. They are also more likely to seek mental health services but are not always able to access them. In fact, one third of all respondents could not get the mental health services they needed, citing cost and stigma as the two main barriers. 

Cost of Care

High out-of-pocket costs and complicated plans can act as a roadblock in your healthcare journey. That’s why your SimplePay medical plan simplifies the process by ranking providers based on quality and showing you the cost of care upfront. When you search for a provider, you will see that they are in either tier 1 (green), tier 2 (yellow), or tier 3 (red); where green providers have the highest quality of care and the lowest copay. This helps you refine your search and find a provider that is right for you and your budget, reducing financial anxiety.

The ease and flexibility of the SimplePay payment model helps make quality mental health care more accessible for members. And while knowing the cost of a service upfront is great, only getting one monthly statement without any surprises is even better. Pay it in full for 1.5% credit or pay it off overtime with 0% financing, it’s up to you.

Mental Health Resources

Even if finances are no longer a concern, people still may feel shame around seeking help for mental health. Misconceptions and stigmas can prevent people from speaking out, whether that’s to a professional or a trusted friend or family member. It’s important to have conversations about mental health and to provide resources and care for everyone so that it can be prioritized.

Since mental and physical health are directly linked, your SimplePay plan gives you access to resources that help you improve your mind and body. The SimplePay Benefits and Wellness program, found in your member portal, lets you earn points towards rewards by completing different wellness activities. This can range from tracking your daily steps to setting and completing a long-term fitness goal, like running a marathon (kudos to you). This program also offers digital or phone coaching, guides on sleep and nutrition, additional education on overall health, and the opportunity to join a social group with other members who are working towards similar goals.

If selected by your employer, you also have 24/7 access to Learn to Live, a comprehensive mental health support service. Learn to Live provides mental health programs that are based on clinically proven therapeutic principles. They also offer live clinician coaching via phone, email, or text. And you can watch Learn to Live’s monthly webinars on clinically relevant mental health material for further education and skills-building.


To access Learn to Live or to learn more about how your SimplePay health plan helps you prioritize your mental health, contact a Health Valet or visit the ‘Benefits’ page in your member portal.