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Meet The Team

Our mission

to inspire change, transofrm care, and improve health for the people we serve.

Our Leaders

wally gomaa

scott schoenvogel

dr. eric bricker



Medical director

Wally's Story

As co-founder of Coupe Health, I’m grateful to lead an organization that creates lasting transformation in the healthcare insurance industry.

After I was hit by a car while cycling, I witnessed healthcare from the inside-out. My experience as a patient prompted my mission to rebuild the healthcare system.

I’ve been fortunate to lead other healthcare companies, including my time as President of Great-West Healthcare, CEO of ACAP Health and a financial controller for a health system in the Houston Medical Center.

My unique perspectives on multiple sides of the industry have motivated me to improve the healthcare system for businesses, providers and most importantly for the patients we serve.

Karen, my wife of 30 years, and I are proud parents of two children who provide patient care in the medical field. We love spending time with our granddaughter, the newest addition to our family. I have a heart for community service and I’m grateful to serve on various non-profit boards and as a Deacon at my church.

Scott's Story

As someone who subscribes to the philosophy that there is no greater gift than good health, I’m grateful to be cofounder of an organization whose primary mission is to guide our members to the very best healthcare.

My family lineage is marked by a long line of community focused doctors and I want to do my part in terms of bringing skilled, compassionate care to everyone who needs it.  By building innovative new health plan designs, we provide healthcare that is affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

Prior to my current role, I was CEO at Compass Professional Health Services, Corporate Vice President at Baylor Health Care System, and managed financial consulting engagements for healthcare organizations across the country.

Through my experiences, I have gained insider knowledge on the healthcare system, which has inspired me to bring both savings and simplicity to the industry.

My wife and I have been blessed with two wonderful children whom we enjoy spending time with in the water, on the mountain, or wherever else their personal interests take us!  When I am not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy giving back to the community through the United Way where I help mentor organizations looking to bring innovative solutions to our most pressing community needs.

Eric's Story

As a physician, I have been exposed to various pain points the U.S. healthcare system inflicts on patients undergoing care. It became my mission to help alleviate this suffering and address the financial challenges burdening patients in the industry.

Early in my career, I worked as a Hospital Finance Consultant at a few major medical centers, where I saw firsthand how dysfunctional the healthcare system can be. During my medical residency at John Hopkins University, I decided to do something about it. During this time, I co-founded and became the Chief Medical Officer of Compass Professional Health Services, a healthcare navigation company which was sold to Alight Solutions in 2018.

To help educate others about the innerworkings of the healthcare industry, I began my latest endeavor, AHealthcareZ, a healthcare finance video community that reaches 100,000+ views per month across all digital platforms. Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and our three kids.