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Payments made easy

What makes paying with SimplePay different than traditional plans?

Single monthly statement

You will now receive a single monthly statement with the total cost of all your medical services for the month. Guarantee the best care at the lowest cost by checking the price of service before you go. 

No payment at the time of service

With SimplePay you do not pay the provider directly. You owe nothing at the time of service or when you pick up your drug from the pharmacy. 

Payment on file

By providing us with your card or bank information it helps make paying for your medical services a breeze! Think of it like your streaming subscriptions. We will only charge your account when you owe money for visiting your doctor. And the good news is you can choose how you wish to pay! 

Choose how you pay

There are several ways to pay your monthly statement. You can pay via the member portal, by check, or set up auto-pay so you don’t forget. Also, when you pay your bill in full, you get a 1.5% credit that will go towards next months bill.

0% financing

SimplePay is happy to offer 0% financing, with no credit check. If you can only pay the minimum balance, no sweat! With 0% financing you don't have to worry about owing more in the future.

Why do you need to complete this financial form?

With SimplePay Health, real credit may be extended to you to cover medical costs throughout the plan year. This process does not require a credit check, however like any other financial services it does require you to sign a financial agreement and provide us with an account to have on file. Below is a list of things to have ready as you complete the form.